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SDTA Event Management Software Launch

Jul 6, 2016 from 8:30 am to 9:30 am
Horton Grand Hotel, San Diego, CA
Event Summary

Exclusively for Members
Enhanced event technology, more revenue potential is now yours.

The San Diego Tourism Authority is excited to provide Members with a complete event management & box office solution, available now.

The SDTA’s new event registration and ticketing software will enhance your guest experience, make event management easier for your team, all while supporting our organization's mission to promote San Diego.

The SDTA Annual Meeting in May, monthly Member Open Office Hours, Social Media workshops, and Comic Con University have all been managed utilizing our new platform.

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Horton Grand Hotel
Island Avenue
San Diego, CA, 92101

Jul 6, 2016 from 8:30 am to 9:30 am
San Diego Tourism Authority

The San Diego Tourism Authority's mission is to drive visitor demand to economically benefit the San Diego region. Tourism is the second largest segment of San Diego's economy and employs approximately 194,000 people. It is vitally important to the economic health of the region. See  Why Travel Matters to all San Diegans.

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